Home imageHumans are constantly shedding skin cells. The skin cells we shed are a major source of human identification to wildlife.To eliminate the problem of being detected, many hunters, photographers and wildlife observers use a strong smelling cover scent.The problem with cover scents is that they are strong in fragrance and do not reduce the loss of skin cells.
Deer and other animals not only identify us as human by the skin cells, but are also put on alert by a ‘”different” or strong smell in the environment.We recommend that a shower be taken with an unscented soap, along with exfoliation of the body, and application over your entire body. Wait about five minutes to let products asborb into skin. This greatly reduces the amount of skin lost thus, dramatically reducing our scent to wildlife.Remember cover scents are just that, they attempt to mask human odor by smelling so strong that one is not noticed.

The Native Americans were the foremost hunters in North America. Today hunting is a sport. However, for our Native American forefathers it was a way of life. Their very survival was dependent upon their hunting success. They would often cover their bodies with bear grease. The grease worked as a skin lubricant and insect repellent. INVISIB-OIL works in much the same way but, it is much easier to obtain and far more pleasant to wear!

                                       “INVISIB-OIL”‘ does not try to mask the human scent. .. it eliminates it.